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aforgottenportrait said: color photoset #4, VJ Army from IIDX (lemme know on twitter if you need refs, tho it comes up easy on google images) color pallette #16

1 week ago
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halloweenies and the night

3 weeks ago
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aforgottenportrait said: palette photoset #3, Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN with colors from #7

I’ve never actually seen //SIGN (its on my “to watch” list tho)

4 weeks ago
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tried to do colouring a bit like this

w/ bigger version

4 weeks ago
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gonna do some reply things hahah..ahah..

025geru said: lovellyy

thank you!!

lualdd said: a really good short comic wowwa

aaa thank you //w\

afoyan said: I read it and thought it was pretty cute and then, oh— Good job!

heheheh thank you, thats the kind of reaction i wanted ^q^ heheh

panhikattack said: OMG SO GOOOD


xoves said: i love these two

me too aaaa

4 weeks ago
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laylas wish: please stop

3 weeks ago
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michelemalebranche said: aaaa try artemisia, palette 2 #6? :0 (anyway thanks for linking that, they make good lolita inspiration too!!)

farewell my other half

no probs! half the reason i reblogged the palette thing was for colour inspiration hahah

4 weeks ago
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mechanicalelephant said: diana... mou ichido... in palette 1 no4

4 weeks ago
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ps u guys should send me more palette asks and ill try n do them tomorrow

4 weeks ago
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diabolical tan cuties

diabolical tan cuties

4 weeks ago
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