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ch… i got beaten anyway… if i had been drawing casually and not pixelling i wouldve got first *angry emote*

1 day ago
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michelemalebranche said: you’re, „ fast, , omg

i gotta go fast when it comes to newly revealed characters in stuff i wannna be the first ones 2 do pics

1 day ago
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I actually watched an ep of love live last night but all this fanart was done before that
Also I keep posting to the wrong blog

2 days ago
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iPad stuff 😴😴😴
First 3 done without stylus

5 days ago
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laylas wish: please stop

1 month ago
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how did u do this she was announced 3 seconds ago

i channeled the spirit of a pixiv artist

1 day ago
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Been playing lots of love live school festival to the point i feel like I don’t need to watch the anime at all

More non stylus iPad stuff

First two were requests for friends
3 days ago
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aforgottenportrait said: color photoset #4, VJ Army from IIDX (lemme know on twitter if you need refs, tho it comes up easy on google images) color pallette #16

3 weeks ago
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halloweenies and the night

1 month ago
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