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Idol group ocs
Pure smile and cool based on love live school festival attributes

1 week ago
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Future storylines include:

  • The realisation that MCs memories have been forged regarding his sister in order to accommodate the harem, and his questioning of whether his memories of his childhood friend are real or not.
  • Attempts to assist in megane’s shyness.
  • Clumsy-chan’s worry that her constant clumsiness may be something medical and that she may need medical help.
  • Sports girl figuring out her gender.
  • Yandere’s criminally dodgy behaviour.
  • Older sexy woman’s drinking addiction.
  • Debate on whether dating someone who looks like a little girl but is actually in her 20’s is illegal or not.
  • Confrontation on sisters incestual feelings.
  • Discussion on the emotional toll of the curse on both the MC and the harem girls, how to stop this curse and how to release the girls.
  • One of the girls pleading for MC to choose her.
  • Emotionally charged scene about how one of the girls begs to be picked so that she can finally grow old and die.
  • More girls introduced later?! Transfer students?! A foreign exchange student?!!!
  • And lots more fun shenanigans! Hyuk!
2 weeks ago
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hi..thank u new followers wow hahahahhaha i think i caught the eye of some vocaloid fans??? thank u for following! um enjoy this sporadically updated lazy blog

2 weeks ago
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how did u do this she was announced 3 seconds ago

i channeled the spirit of a pixiv artist

3 weeks ago
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michelemalebranche said: the irony, , , if you accidentally made her look like thanako, , , there is no escape from the void. cease and desist and embrace death

moe-ass megane fucking thanatos-chan i cnat unsee it and its terrible i tried to change her hairpiece a little and only made it worse i was like FUCK IT REALLY IS HIM..

2 weeks ago
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A harem romcom!

The main characters family was put under a curse many many generations ago. This curse means that the male in the family must only marry a girl within a certain harem. The girls in this harem all fit a certain trope. They do not age or die unless they are chosen by one of the men. When one trope is married, a new girl appears to take her place.

Our poor MC must now choose which girl he wants to spend his life with!!

The characters are (in order of photoset):

  • Our hapless main character. He’s a normal boy thrust into a strange situation; The tsundere childhood best friend.
  • The spacey big-sis girl with big boobs who says “ara” a lot and secretly has odd hobbies; The often drunk sexy older woman with large breasts.
  • The shy quiet glasses wearing girl; The loli who is actually older than the MC and has a bit of an attitude.
  • The quiet kuudere who seems to know everything; The cute girl who is actually a massive yandere.
  • The man hating samurai girl who will not hesitate to draw her katana; the clumsy girl with big boobs who exists mostly for panty shots.
  • Main characters little sis, whose “I wanna marry big brother!” remarks were cute when she was young but has now gotten slightly creepy.
  • The tomboy sports girl; the spacey best friend of MC’s little sister. She finishes all her sentences with “nya” and is the type of person you think “why would anyone be friends with her”. Actually, she seems very aware of everything and is of great help to our MC.
2 weeks ago
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ch… i got beaten anyway… if i had been drawing casually and not pixelling i wouldve got first *angry emote*

3 weeks ago
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michelemalebranche said: you’re, „ fast, , omg

i gotta go fast when it comes to newly revealed characters in stuff i wannna be the first ones 2 do pics

3 weeks ago
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I actually watched an ep of love live last night but all this fanart was done before that
Also I keep posting to the wrong blog

3 weeks ago
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